Machine Learning Resources

Interested in Machine Learning? We've culled a list of resources on this page. Want to join our Machine Learning Community of Practice? Reach out to Augustine here. 



Broad Institute. Overview of ML, followed by examination of real biomedical datasets (e.g. Brain Atlas), discussion on framing biological questions as ML problems

Machine Learning

Coursera, Stanford. An easy intro of ML, no need to learn linear algebra before this, not related to bio.

edX repository of AI classes

This is an online learning platform for various subject from different universities and companies (i.e. IBM, Microsoft). There are courses on machine learning at all kinds of levels (also one on machine learning in relation to genetics). You can audit the classes for free or pay to get a certification (I think the prices vary between the courses, and the universities offering the courses).

Machine Learning

Georgia Tech. Machine Learning is a graduate-level course covering the area of Artificial Intelligence concerned with computer programs that modify and improve their performance through experiences. You will learn about and practice a variety of Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning approaches.

NeurIPS (conference)

Videos/conference of the latest ML in structural biology/molecules

ECS 289K: Machine Learning and Networks in Biology

UC Davis. Sounds like it's aimed towards biology, Justin mentioned I should take this for my major requirement.

ECS 171: Machine Learning

UC Davis. This is an undergraduate course for Computer Science majors. This course will provide an introduction to machine learning methods and learning theory. Students will acquire a general background on machine learning and pattern recognition, including state-of-the-art techniques in supervised and unsupervised learning

Stanford CS 224N | Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Free classes from 2019 available through website/YouTube.

Masters in AI | The Artificial Intelligence Education Guide

Learn about degree programs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more!